Couple in quarantine(?)

Love knows not distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for the stars.

Gilbert Parker

Quarantine has brought to our life a lot of changes. Some are good, some are less.

But definitely this is a new reality we are forced to adjust into.

One of the results of those circumstances is that we are not being able to go on a real date anymore. All the usual ideas such as going on for a movie theater or a show, traveling, eating (INSIDE) the restaurant (NOT TAKE AWAY), even the ability to go out from your home.


How do you build a relationship that way?

I was wondering that too. I still do sometimes. Thinking how thing would've looked if we were able to go around. But, time is going by, and things are more clear to me now.

Hopefully reading my words they will be a bit more clear to you.

As far as living with you partner, 40% of the couples are doing a bit of everything together: binge watching TV (71% of engaged couples, 54% of married), working on home projects, cooking or ordering food, watching Netfelix and so on...

However, the uncertainty spurs emotions like anxiety and stress.

Below I will share with you some activities to do together, rather you're physically together or apart. 


The real questions are:

What do you do when you're just getting to know the person?

When you're excited and want to meet your date but not being able to?

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the relationship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth.
Robert Southey

I met my partner during the quarantine, we started dating and ordering take away and doing picnics, meeting outside in the park, staying in the car cause everything is close, preparing meals at each other's house.

With that desire to be together all the time and knowing it's not possible.

When the option to move around was taken, we found some interesting solutions that kept us going.

Work Out Together

We both happen to be sport lovers, but even if you're not, it's a great habit to start developing. Choose a workout together that will fit both of your levels, watch it in the same time and talking in between about the exercise. That way you will feel the support and motivation you need in order to keep going, even through it's through a screen. There are plenty of recorded workouts out there, you don't have to do a live one.

Instagram has a great tool now called IGTV.

Watch a movie\TV Show

We pick a tv show or a movie we want to watch together and share our screen via zoom (or any other platform you may use, these days a lot of apps are trying to do the same) and talk in between, watching it at the same time, together but apart.

In addition, also in the same mood of Technology:

Plan a Themed Night Based on What You're Watching

You can still plan a special date at home (together or apart). Lean into whatever you're currently streaming for a fun spin on a typical movie night.

Make some Popcorn and turn on Netflix, or order a takeout with your favorite food.

A theme night can be: Disney marathon, Romantic Favorites, classics, Leonardo Di-Caprio movies (It doesn't have to be specifically him, but I love his movies so anyway... back to the topic), maybe Comedy and so on...

Have a Game Night

Some recommended activities can be done only being together physically such as breaking out a puzzle. I love this idea for couples because completing a complicated puzzle requires teamwork and communication. (Plus, it's super fun! So I can't wait for this to be over so we can make one) but another idea is to play a board game together and enjoy some friendly competition from your couch. Open up a game, pour yourselves a drink and get to playing. That way time will fly by once you start.

Being far away can be more challenging but Kahoot is a nice solution to play together in a virtual way (also with a larger group of friends) creating quizzes and have fun together.

Downloading the games can also be an option, such as: Printable Logic Games, Strategy Games, Crossword Puzzles and Brainteasers


Make challenges to keep together such as: Eat healthy, studying for this amount of time, workout and send each other consistently pictures of how do you do and motivate each-other.

Go on a Virtual Museum Tour

The vatican musems in Rome, Natinal History Musem in London, National Gallery of Art in Washingron D.c, The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Musse d'orsay in Paris and so on...

They all offer virtual museum torus online which can be a special activity to do to together, doing something different and keeping the mind active, learning.

In addition, also in the same mood of learning:

Take a Virtual Class together

Services like Udacity, Masterclass, Udemy... (among many others you can find online) offer courses from experts. You can learn about everything from the history of Latin America and Online Marketing. Use this as an opportunity to geek out on a subject together.

Besides those courses you can find YouTube guides on how to do basically everything and you can learn it together.

Plant an Indoor Garden

Take some time to develop your green thumbs together but apart. You both can order beautiful new plants directly each house (you pick your partner's and your partner pick yours and you're in charge of taking care of them and after all of this will be over you show each other's the result). In addition to plants, you can also plant an indoor herb garden and enjoy the results when you cook together.

Virtual Escape Rooms

This can be very helpful learning how to working together as a team finding out the clues and "break out" of the escape room to win. This can be done with family members and friends around the world.

Virtual Karoke

It's not a problem if you don't have a karaoke machine or a microphone!

It can be done everywhere with no tools, but if you insists on having something similar to a microphone you can use a wooden spoon from your kitchen and cue up any number of popular Youtube Karaoke videos and just sing a long.

You should try it a few in the meantime.

I know it' snot an easy situation.

But in the other hand, see all the amazing things that can be done.

We all have that desire to be together already, but knowing eventually it will come true gives me hope. Waiting for that moment - To be able to enjoy all of these activities with my partner when all of this will be over in a different way, as we expect.

Knowing that going through this made us stronger, and in the future appreciate more everything that we have.

It's all a matter of time.

We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done. Alan Turing

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